« We have to train this crazy Big Three in exchange for Kyrie in Brooklyn »

Still without Kyrie Irving, the Nets are considering a trade shortly. For this person, the player to retrieve is already found everything, even if the transaction promises to be complex.

While Steve Nash’s men have done a good job since the resumption, Kevin Durant and James Harden are no doubt going to need help over time. The regular season is long, and the playoffs are shaping up to be even tougher. To this, we must add the problems with the covid, and Brooklyn is unfortunately no exception.

This Tuesday evening, KD played 48 minutes, the fault of the many absent from the New York side. Trader Irving could become vital in order to get help, especially if the player still refuses the vaccine. A problem that will have to be resolved soon, but some have already found the solution.

Kyrie Irving’s replacement already found?

In a recent show, Jay Williams returned to Irving’s drama, but also that of Damian Lillard. For him, the solution is simple: swap the two players, allowing Portland to continue fighting, while Brooklyn recovers from the heavy to keep a Big 3.

I think for Portland, in the long run, their best interest is to let Damian Lillard go. Especially since he wants to ask for a two-year extension, for 107 million. Why not a swap? Kyrie versus Dame. Irving could play in Portland, and you can place Lillard with Durant and Harden.

The solution would be ideal for the Nets, but the transaction promises to be almost impossible. Does Irving see himself staying in Portland? In addition, it would be a complete blur on the counterparts. Who should send the most? Blazers or Nets? A point of disagreement seems inevitable.

Both files are important, but unlikely to end this season. Lillard will stay until further notice, although its future expansion may pose problems. Same debate for Irving, especially if he refuses the vaccine. For now, we will have to be patient.

Damian Lillard vs. Kyrie Irving? The solution is too simple on paper, but not impossible in the world of the NBA. It would still take a great combination of circumstances to see this outcome happen. However, be careful never to say never.

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