“We have as much chance as the USA of becoming Olympic champions”

Holders of the title, the players of Team USA are of course the favorites in their own succession for the Olympic Games in Paris. However, the French team will have its say, wanting to create the feat at home. A famous journalist says in any case that the Habs have the means.

It was perhaps one of the most beautiful adventures that France offered us, during the Tokyo Olympics. Initially surprise winners of Team USA from the first pool match, the Blues led by Evan Fournier and Nicolas Batum were able to make their way to the final. If they ended up bowing, the Americans then taking their revenge, the silver medal gleaned in Japan remains absolutely magnificent, proof that Vincent Collet’s players are part of the world’s gratin of the orange ball.

Unsurprisingly, expectations are therefore quite high for the next edition, the Tricolores having to justify their status. This will be all the more the case as the next Games will be contested in France, near Paris. We don’t yet know where Gobert & co. are going to play, since there are quite a few twists and turns regarding the location of the basketball tournament. Nevertheless, the fact is that they will have the opportunity to be crowned in front of their own fans, an absolutely unique experience of its kind.

George Eddy believes in a coronation of the Blues at the 2024 Olympics

In order to achieve this, however, it will be necessary to go to the Olympic final, which implies being in great shape from the outset. And given its status, the US selection is obviously a scarecrow for any nation opponent. Nevertheless, some are convinced that France has a real chance of winning gold, starting with George Eddy. Interviewed on several basketball topics by the site Konbinithe famous journalist from the United States said that the Frenchys have the means to bring down Kevin Durant and others.

george eddy : At the last Games, we beat Team USA in the first match, which was already an achievement. We have already beaten them in the quarter-finals of the World Cup in 2019. And in the final of the Olympics, we lose by little. They did not dominate us. We have as much chance as them of becoming Olympic champions in 2024, at home and with the big team, because all the big players will want to be part of the adventure. So I have confidence.

As the commentator reminds us, EDF has been able to put a spoke in the wheels of Team USA in recent years, having won two of their last three confrontations. As mentioned above, the prospect of playing at home should increase the motivation of Vincent Collet’s squad, and we know that this can prove decisive. It was precisely through their intensity that they were able to beat the Americans, offering a physical challenge to which they were not accustomed on the FIBA ​​stage.

Moreover, it should not be forgotten that these will not necessarily be complete when you go to Paris. LeBron James, Stephen Curry and other big names will probably not be there, and it will be up to the next generation to shine in international competition. However, the Tokyo Games showed that although they ended up victorious, their hegemony was far from assured. Beyond France, other nations such as Spain or Argentina remain serious customers.

George Eddy firmly believes in it, the Blues are able to finish Olympic champions in France. In any case, it would be an absolutely historic feat for Evan Fournier & co., who will certainly be boosted from the first minute of the tournament.

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