« We don’t talk enough about Frank Ntilikina, he is underrated »

Frank Ntilikina did not have a very simple NBA debut, but his rating is now quite interesting with franchises. A leader has also made very complimentary remarks towards his person… especially since the French Prince could have the right to a promotion in 2022-23.

However, it was not a foregone conclusion for Frank Ntilikina, who only had a one-year contract when he signed for the Mavs in 2021-22. He then came out of a very disappointing first freelance at the Knicks, during which he was never really able to express himself and which slowed down his progress. But if he struggled in Texas at first, to the point of leaving Jason Kidd’s rotation, everything changed thanks to the playoffs and particularly the series against the Suns.

Indeed, his defense as well as his iron discipline made him the new darling of the local public, while his team took the opportunity to overcome the Cactus. Not being either ridiculous later against the Warriors, the Habs were rewarded with a contract extension. Like the previous lease, however, this one only runs for one year and it will therefore have to prove its value, once again.

However, following the movements made by the franchise during the summer, Sports Illustrated thinks we can expect great things for him after speaking with owner Mark Cuban:

Replacing the impact of Jalen Brunson has been a talking point the Dallas Mavericks have had to deal with this NBA offseason. Frank Ntilikina seems to be emerging as a key name to watch in the squad’s rotations.

Ntilikina was also mentioned by Cuban when talking about some players he feels are underrated or not talked about enough heading into the season. “I am thinking of Christian Wood and Frank Ntilikina. In particular, what Frank did defensively in the postseason while sick and injured was crazy. We don’t talk about it enough,” Cuban said.

More responsibilities for Frank Ntilikina?

The Big Boss of Dallas had already been very complimentary about Franky Smokes recently, showing that the Texas management has full confidence in its abilities. As specified IFthe departure of Brunson changes a lot of things because the Mavs had benefited from a trident on the back lines with the neo-Knick, Spencer Dinwiddie and Luka Doncic. A position is now vacant and it could well go to the French international trained by the SIG:

The Mavericks enjoyed a significant advantage having three creators in their backcourt rotation after acquiring Dinwiddie mid-season. However, they no longer had an option in the frontcourt through which to pass. With the addition of Wood, perhaps Ntilikina will fill that void to soften the loss of missing a third creator… while also showing a very energetic defense.

Ultra-valuable to the Mavs late last season, Frank Ntilikina may well be rewarded with a bigger role in Texas. What allow him to put himself a little more in value and therefore to win a long-term contract? We hope so.

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