« We are no longer called Les Herbiers, we are called the 2018 finalist! »

The epic is still in our memories: 2018, the amateur club of Les Herbiers, led by Stéphane Masala, climbed to the final of the Coupe de France. He loses against PSG. But the Coupe de France is once again topical with the reception of a Ligue 2 club, SC Bastia. Never mind: Stéphane Masala is still there, and he knows how to bring down the « big ones ».

Friday, on the evening of November 26, Vendée Les Herbiers Football (VHF) is about to write a new page in its rich history. Yes, they may be amateurs, evolving today in National 2, the Herbretais wrote one of the craziest epics of the Coupe de France. It was in 2018. The Vendéens, then in National, bow in the final, with honors, in front of the Parisians. A 2-0 defeat, but a mark left forever, or almost, in this ordeal. So when the Herbiers show up for a Coupe de France match, it is always with a special status, whether against a Regional 3 or National 3 club.

It’s part of this Coupe de France adventure. We are very well received, we act as a poster! We are described as the former finalist of the Coupe de France, we are called « the finalist of 2018 », those who played the PSG of Di Maria! It’s an event, but it’s always tough matches

Stéphane Masala – Vendée Les Herbiers Football coach

Friday, for this 8th round, the Vendéens are opposed to SC Bastia, 14th in Ligue 2. The amateurs of National 2 do not start favorites. So what ? The scent of the Cup intoxicates more than one! The exceptional course of 2018 attests to this if need be: Stéphane Masala excels in the art of motivating his troops.

The talk is part of the preparation. There is the tactical preparation, the physical preparation. The player is like an artist, he doubts all the time. There, he is going to make a representation, he doubts. So we have to reassure him, have the right words so that he can free himself

Stéphane Masala, Vendée Les Herbiers Football coach

and since we are talking about « chat », this is the subject of today’s editorial

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