Wayne Ellington wants to bring his defense and his address to the Lakers | NBA

 » I have a feeling this season I’m going to have the best opportunities not only in my NBA career but also in my life. Wayne Ellington is eager to don the Lakers jersey for the second time in his career. This great traveler of the league had already worn this uniform during the 2014/2015 season, in a very different sporting context.

Injured half the time at the time, Kobe Bryant was approaching retirement while neither Carlos Boozer, Jeremy Lin or Jordan Hill had managed to pull the Lakers ship upwards (only 21 wins).

Ellington, who had upped his points average to 10 units, is now back in a franchise that will aim for nothing but the title next season by building on his trio LeBron James – Anthony Davis – Russell Westbrook. Three players who love to attack the circle and still need shooters like the former Pistons player to stretch the game.

 » All of these guys are attackers capable of going into the paint, which is getting a lot of attention ”, describes Ellington, quoted by Lakers Nation.  » You have to have a guy like me to get the ball out and move the defense. I feel my game and my three-point shot complement this team very well. « 

Close to his address record

Over the course of his career, the rear has made this distant address his main weapon. He has shown 38% success since his Draft in 2009 by Wolves, at the 28th position. Ellington even got closer to his best career mark, over one season, with 42.2% skill last year in Detroit, with a good volume of shots (6 attempts). What make him integrate the Top 20 of the most skillful players in the league, where the Lakers had no representative.

Beyond his shot, the rear also knows that he will be expected for his performance on the other side of the field. Ellington believes that with  » wingspan, height and athleticism « Available to the Lakers, it will be » easy To defend.

 » We have experienced guys who know how to communicate and talk to each other from different positions, who know how to help. Then you have strengths behind like AD and Dwight (Howard) who are responsible for cleaning the circle. We will all be able to complement each other. « 

Wayne ellingtonPercentageRebounds
2012-13 *All Teams782142.739.
2012-13 *SAME401740.742.393.
2012-13 *KEY382643.937.
2018-19 *All Teams532540.337.
2018-19 *DET282742.137.375.
2018-19 *MIA252137.536.887.

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