Watford files appeal for transfer of Pope Gueye

After an appeal filed by Watford, FIFA opened proceedings in connection with the signing of Pape Gueye to OM. The midfielder initially signed with the English club last year, before retracting.

OM have a lot of problems to deal with at the moment. One of them concerns his midfielder Pape Gueye, who arrived last summer from Havre. Free to engage where he wishes, the 22-year-old had landed near the Bouches-du-Rhône. A signing that still does not pass on the side of Watford, another contender of the player.

No amicable agreement between the two clubs

The English second division club has filed an appeal with FIFA in recent days to challenge the transfer of Pape Gueye, L’Equipe said. In question: the Hornets had initially obtained the signature of the player, before this one retracts to spin on the side of Marseille.

Officialized on April 29, 2020, the arrival of Pope Gueye in Watford ultimately never saw the light of day. The player had refused to join the London team, claiming to have been the victim of « abuse » by his former agent Bakari Sanogo. Pape Gueye then entrusted his interests to lawyer Pierre-Henris Bovis, who quickly felt he had spotted several irregularities in the contract between the player and Watford.

After this aborted transfer to the Hornets, Pape Gueye had signed up for 4 seasons with OM. But seven months after the facts, Watford decided to file an appeal, considering himself in particular financially injured.

FIFA has opened proceedings in this case and warned OM. L’Equipe said on Wednesday that Marseille leaders were not surprised by the approach of their English counterparts. Discussions have allegedly existed for several months to find an amicable agreement, which has not yet taken place.

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