Warriors announce 3rd Splash Brother alongside Steph and Klay

Golden State may recover Klay Thompson after a long absence, it will be necessary to provide an alternative at the back. Could we see a third big shooter emerge at the Dubs? Steve Kerr has in any case given the name of a potential candidate, recently.

In addition to seeing their favorite franchise return to the forefront in 2021-22, Warriors fans will finally see the Splash Brothers once again gathered on the floors. Injured since the 2019 Finals lost against Toronto, Klay Thompson will finally make his comeback, to the delight of the Bay and his teammate Stephen curry.

However, despite all the hype around the comeback of n ° 11, one observation should in no way be overlooked: Killa Klay has missed more than two years of competition, and will therefore need time before fully regaining his level. of yesteryear. If of course he succeeds, which is never guaranteed after such an absence….

A 3rd Splash Brother after Curry and Klay Thompson? Steve Kerr responds

Suddenly, it is now a question of finding an alternative solution to Thompson, at least initially. The good news is that the team has no shortage of interesting profiles, with a lot of young players with great potential. But if we can first think to the future Dub star according to Steve Kerr, it turns out that the coach has another candidate in mind for this role.

Indeed, as he recently revealed to NBC Sports, the former champion with the Bulls thinks first of a summer recruit to the franchise, namely Otto Porter Jr.:

Watching him in training, he shoots all over the place. He can be a pick-and-pop player at the top of the racket. He can space the floor out from the corner and draw a catch-and-shoot from there.

If he never justified his status as third draft pick in 2013, the ex-Wizard has for him to have become a reliable sniper over the years. It has been six years since he dropped below 36% success behind the arc, even peaking at 44% in 2017-18. All with 4 to 5 attempts per game, which is a real sample for a shooter.

However, the question arises as to whether he will hold this year. Long under the threat of a suspension at home for his refusal to be vaccinated, Andrew Wiggins has finally changed his mind and should therefore be the starting winger for the Californians. Perhaps he will switch to station 2, however, by the time Klay returns to competition. Golden State’s first regular season outings will deliver more definitive conclusions.

Otto Porter as the third member of the Splash Brothers? On paper it is possible, but it is still a little difficult to visualize it. After all, he is clearly not on the same level as his « elders »

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