Wander Franco: his contract must influence Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Earlier this week, we had the confirmation that we had been waiting for a few days: the Tampa Bay Rays have granted an 11-year contract extension to Wander Franco. The young Rays shortstop is therefore on a long-term contract and will spend the good years of his career at Tampa Bay.

And when I say Tampa Bay, I mean Montreal.

Obviously, when we see young people who see their contracts being extended in this way, we wonder whether the young people will imitate Fernando Tatis Jr. or Ronald Acuna Jr.

Juan Soto is an issue to watch, obviously.

But the same goes for Vladimir Guerrero Jr. The Toronto Blue Jays first baseman is always rumored every year (as is Bo Bichette), but now it’s even more obvious.

Why? First, because Franco and Vladdy have been compared since the start of their careers. Offensively, they are two very similar prospects / youngsters.

And obviously, Vlad’s 2021 season changed everything.

His second place in the MVP race boosted his value as he proved he was able to hit in MLB. And that comes with a price.

The way contracts evolve, expect the Blue Jays to have to offer him more than the guaranteed $ 185 million offered to Franco. After all, Toronto has no pre-umpire years to buy from the infielder and he has proven his worth.

I am not here to get into the numbers. I don’t know how much money he will make, but it will be a huge number.

Toronto must have a good idea of ​​what it’s going to take and it’s clear it’s been budgeted for.

So I can’t wait to see if negotiations will start this winter or if we will prefer to wait and see what the star will do in 2022. After all, each club has its strategy on this.

If I were in the shoes of the leaders of the Blue Jays, I would do it as soon as possible. After all, I see it continuing to improve in 2022.

But on the contrary, if I were Vladdy, I would wait a bit to arrive with even more arguments to hit the jackpot …

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