Walker Buehler to pitch game number six

Last night, the Dodgers confirmed that game six starting pitcher Max Scherzer will not be in his post. His arm is tired.

His replacement tonight, therefore: Walker Buehler.

For the second time in his career, he will pitch after only three days off, he who pitched no later than last Tuesday. He only pitched 3.2 innings, but he was clearly not in his element. Buehler might be a guy who needs his four or five days off.

He was also the starting pitcher for the potential game number seven. His start is therefore one day earlier.

Los Angeles has no choice, however. Everyone is injured and currently the rotation is limited to two and a half pitchers: Julio Urias, Walker Buehler and Max Scherzer. Trevor Bauer is not in the entourage of the team and Dustin May and Clayton Kershaw are injured.

Moreover, Dave Roberts has not confirmed his starting pitcher for game number seven. The Dodgers must win tonight’s game before.

Like I mentioned, Roberts has to go all-in today. It’s all well and good that there is a game number seven to think about, but you still have to win game six to get there.

Buehler’s performance will in some way dictate the start of the ultimate match (if it does, of course). Newly arrived in the roster, David Price is one of the few to have a 100% arm. If Buehler experiences difficulties, the left-hander could come in relief.

With the pen already tired, Price will have to raise his game up a notch, because if the Dodgers win and the pen is even more burnt out, Game Seven will be very difficult. Already he was …

For a potential ultimate match, the starting picks for Dave Roberts are: Julio Urias, Max Scherzer and a bullpen day. Urias, who launched on Wednesday, would be the candidate of choice. He will have had three days off. Max Scherzer and the enclosure are dead. They don’t have much energy left in the tank.

Atlanta, which relies on a little less tired pitchers, will have the advantage in these last two games. In addition, the team is at home for the two most important games of the season.

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