Wales win ahead of Scotland in the Tournament

The game: 20-17

Saturday afternoon in a Principality Stadium in Cardiff all committed to the cause of the Red Devils, the fifteen of Scotland failed to confirm their inaugural success against England, Calcutta Cup at the key. If they led until the hour mark, Stuart Hogg’s teammates lacked the power and consistency – these have been their main flaws for a long time – to win. And yet, they had the opportunity several times.

Welsh captain Dan Biggar opened the scoring (5th, 8th) to put his team in the lead (6-0), but the Scots, still as attacking and inspired, scored the first try of this part taken from the 12th, at the end of the line, by their winger Graham (12th, 6-5). Then, after a long period of indiscipline on both sides, the Scottish opener for Racing 92, Finn Russell, scored three penalty goals (16th, 20th, 29th) to allow his team to lead (9- 14).

But, carried by their public and eager to make people forget their humiliating defeat in Dublin (29-7) a week earlier, the Welsh returned to the attack at the half-hour mark and found, in force, the way to victory. in-goal Caledonian. Dan Biggar having missed the transformation, the two teams found themselves tied (14-14) just before the break. Everything had to be redone, therefore.

The Scots got into action in the 48th minute after changing their first line (44th), rewarded with a fourth goal from Finn Russell (50th, 14-17). Unfortunately for them, with a goal (58th) then a drop-goal (70th), Dan Biggar, courageous captain, managed to place his team in the lead and keep them there. In the last moments, Scotland launched into a fight, but failed to recover the eighty meters that separated them from success. After collecting a defensive bonus, the Caledonians have two weeks to prepare to receive France (Saturday February 26, 3:15 p.m.).


A single yellow card was distributed by the Australian referee, Nic Berry, former scrum half of Racing Metro 92. At Ile-de-France Finn Russell (68th) for a voluntary forward.

The action: a high point drop-goal

While the test of the Welsh winger Cuthbert is logically refused (68th), the Scots find themselves in numerical inferiority. The Welsh then decide to play two penalties, but their balls carried in front of the opposing in-goal are ineffective (69th). So captain Dan Biggar chooses to try a drop-goal (70th) to allow his team to return to the lead (20-17).

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