Wales team wants name change after World Cup in Qatar


The Welsh Federation have opened discussions with UEFA regarding the possibility of a name change after the 2022 World Cup, which will start in less than three weeks in Qatar. The Wales team may be called ‘Cymru’ in the future.

This may be the last time Wales will take part in a major competition. In any case under this name. The Welsh Federation (FAW) have entered into informal talks with UEFA, European football’s governing body, over the possibility of a name change after the 2022 World Cup, which kicks off in less than three weeks in Qatar.

The FAW wants the Dragons team to be called « Cymru » from now on. A term that Welsh football leaders have already adopted in their headquarters and official communication. « The team should be called Cymru, that’s what we call it here, summarizes Noel Mooney, the federation’s general manager. At national level, we are clearly called Cymru. That’s how we We also call our selections. But at international level we think we still have a bit of work to do. So we are going to this World Cup with Wales. »

A major consultation in 2023

In Qatar, Gareth Bale’s partners will face England, the United States and Iran in Group B. This will be their second participation in a World Cup, after that of 1958 in Sweden, during which they had reached the quarter-finals (1-0 defeat against Brazil on a goal by Pelé). It will then be time to launch a major consultation around the name « Cymru ».

« In 2023, we will have a good discussion with all the different stakeholders, the government, our board of directors, the decision-making bodies, the staff and the players, assures Noel Mooney. We are a very open democratic organization and we will not decide not unilaterally to do something like that. That’s the sense of the story but there’s no firm decision on that. It’s more by osmosis that we’re heading there. »


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