Wade’s shocking revelation about his years with LeBron at the Heat

Three-time NBA champion Dwyane Wade won two of these titles alongside his lifelong friend, LeBron James. A privilege coveted by many players, which has recently been the subject of a big unexpected revelation from Flash!

In his eyes, his various epics up to the Larry O’Brien trophy must have a very distinct sentimental value. For the first time crowned champion in 2006, Dwyane Wade then placed himself as the undisputed leader of his Heat team, and had also inherited the title of MVP of the Finals. An honor he did not receive in 2012 and 2013, unlike Lebron james.

Despite this difference in impact in conquering his last two rings, the Miami legend could however be satisfied to have once again reached the top of the world, but this time alongside his friends, LBJ and Chris Bosh. The reward of three seasons of hard work, since their famous meeting in 2010, with a very special flavor.

Dwyane Wade didn’t savor his years with LeBron

Teammate of the King for four seasons, D-Wade for example sacrificed a bigger contract to evolve alongside him. A strong choice, which seemed inevitable, however, to know the joy of evolving alongside his Draft buddy. However, in a recent interview with Scott Davis ofInsider, Flash reveals not to have necessarily had a lot of fun during this period!

I could also go back to the years when we were champions, look at our course and say, “That sh * t wasn’t fun. It’s no fun accomplishing something so big that everyone is trying to stop you. It’s not funny. So while a lot of times from that era were really fun, others were just work, and it was mentally and physically demanding.

Make no mistake, Wade has absolutely no regrets about teaming up with LeBron, and sharing four years of his career with him in South Beach. His bad memories mostly revolve around the pressure around them, as leaders of the team to beat at the time. A difficult status to assume on a daily basis, and which would therefore have put a strain on his mind and body, unlike his younger years.

I had fun when I had legs. Like, when I was bouncing around, dunking on people and ESPN antennas every night, it was fun. You know, when you’re still young and carefree, able to catch the ball and take off from anywhere. It was fun.

Worn out by the expectations that came with their No.1 Public Enemy label, Dwyane Wade tiredly looks back on the seasons he spent with LeBron James. Like what, even the most famous superstars can suffer from the pressure!

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