Vogel drops the non-LeBron duo that impresses the Lakers!

What if LeBron James finally takes a step back for his 19th season? While the King is as ambitious as ever, he would seem that a new duo particularly shines in Lakers training, and they are not part of it! What if it was finally worn by teammates?

If there’s one thing the Lakers shouldn’t miss this season, it’s talent. So yes, cohesion will undoubtedly take time to return to this workforce, which has changed for the most part compared to last season, but intrinsically, the Purple and Gold have not been so strong for a long time. Lebron james and Anthony davis are no longer alone!

They will indeed be able to count on the returns of Dwight Howard and Rajon Rondo, two important members of the team which went to the title in 2020, but also on the already very impressive Malik Monk. His new nickname in training says a lot about the qualities shown by the former Hornets trigger during training camp. He could quickly make Kentavious Caldwell-Pope forget about Washington…

The duo that could eclipse LeBron at the Lakers

But that’s not all, since according to some information from California, a new XXL duo could come to eclipse the King this season. Indeed, the more training passes, the more a very high level relationship develops. If this trend is confirmed during the regular season, we know one who should feast and come out of the MVP numbers!

Frank Vogel said Westbrook gave Anthony Davis four straight baskets in practice: « I think it’s gonna be really good. »

After a completely failed season marked by injuries, Anthony Davis may have found the teammate who will allow him to return to the top of his game. Russell Westbrook obviously didn’t arrive in Los Angeles to pull the cover on him, but to help his teammates shine. Proof of a magnificent maturity and an indisputable desire to win.

It remains to be seen how LeBron James will be able to integrate into this new duo. If Russ carries the ball and creates for the others, how is the King going to be able to shine in this squad? Are we about to see a new LeBron for its 19th season? The start of the season will be particularly interesting at this level!

Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook already find themselves with their eyes closed, which must worry a lot of franchises! Such a duo could take the Lakers to the top quite easily!

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