Vladimir Guerrero Jr. makes fun of Shohei Ohtani in his own way


The Major League Baseball All-Star Game is a great opportunity for its participants to forge friendships with their peers, who are mostly opponents for the rest of the year. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Shohei Ohtani showed it well on Tuesday evening.

During the classic held at Seattle’s T-Mobile Park, Ohtani chatted briefly with a Japanese commentating team for media broadcasting the game. Placed in front of the camera, the American League color bearer was standing in the dugout when his second-hand teammate chose the right moment to step behind him without his knowledge.

While the Los Angeles Angels star answered his interlocutors in his native language, Vlad junior nodded in the back pretending to understand everything and approve what was being said. Ohtani eventually turned around to find the Toronto Blue Jays slugger was stealing the show from him on screen. The two men then embraced in a friendly manner.

Guerrero Jr. had his moment of glory on Monday, winning the annual circuit competition.


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