Virgin Atlantic cancels Airbus A380 order

08 MAR. 2018 | Lo Barnier | 178 words Virgin Atlantic cancels Airbus A380 order


Bad news never comes alone. While Airbus announced the reduction in speed of the A380 on March 7, Virgin Atlantic at the same time rescinded its order for six copies of the super jumbo. If there was no announcement, this cancellation was notified in the balance sheet of Airbus orders for the month of February.

This is not a surprise. Virgin Atlantic’s decision had long been known, and only formalization was missing. As a reminder, the six A380s had been ordered in 2001, and their delivery had been repeatedly postponed by the company before it finally decided to cancel them.

Fortunately for the A380, Airbus was able to register the sale of twenty Emirates copies in its order book. Announced in December, the contract was finalized last month. The A380, which has been delivered 222 copies, thus has …

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