Viral images of Andre Drummond saving his son from drowning

On a peaceful vacation before opening a new page in his career in Philadelphia, Andre Drummond donned his hero costume to save his son from drowning. The images, quite impressive, show a hell of a reaction from the pivot!

After a stint at the Lakers looking like a real fiasco, Andre Drummond will try to give a boost to his career on the Philadelphia side. Until then, the big man allows himself a little rest with his family, just to recharge the batteries. Better, the former Pistons has avoided a real tragedy!

Her young son accidentally fell into the family pool, and quickly began to sink. Neither one nor two, Drummond rushed to come to his rescue, and in record time please. Here’s the viral video below:

NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Every parent’s worst nightmare…

Everyone is well !

Responsiveness, sense of sacrifice: Lakers fans can only regret that the pivot does not always use these qualities on the floors. Drummond indeed missed the boat in LA, and like Dennis Schröder or Victor Oladipo, he had to settle for a contract much lower than he initially hoped for.

It is now up to him to relaunch the machine in back-up to Joel Embiid, in order to show himself that he can impact a team beyond the statistics sheet, and why not initial a deal more in line with his ambitions for the next free agency.

Hats off to Andre Drummond, whose daddy’s reflexes have avoided a potential drama. Images that are a pleasure to see.

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