Violently stopped in the middle of the match, James Harden reacts cash!

Thinned compared to the last season, James Harden is a new man. The goal is clear for the Barbu, who wants to do his best to win a first title with the Sixers. Nevertheless, there were some teasing after his last game, as he was stopped by Scottie Barnes. The former Rocket had a surprising reaction.

Well recovered from his bad season with the Sixers, which ended in the playoffs against the Heat, James Harden attacked his summer with a different mentality. The bearded man wanted to take matters into his own hands right away, with the desire to lose weight, to return to his best level. It will still be necessary to wait to find him on an NBA floor, but the player continues his prowess in training… except against a certain Scottie Barnes.

James Harden well defended by the phenomenon Scottie Barnes

The Raptors nugget was in the corner, and we can say that the duel between the two men was quite interesting. Harden may have tried to score several times on his opponent, he had a bad evening. Barnes on the other hand, stood out with his defense, with active hands and good circle protection. We hope that the Barbu was aware, because he could not work miracles.

A perfect defense from Barnes, who did the job. However, there is no question for Harden to get annoyed, quite the contrary. The Barbu wanted to congratulate the Raptor for his mentality, which he appreciates a lot, especially from August:

It’s a great competitive spirit here, like with Scottie, who defended me all along the floor. It’s only the first week of August, but this guy doesn’t give a damn. He is unleashed. Everyone has to have this mentality, especially if you want to get paid, take care of your family and everything else.

Stopped or not by Scottie Barnes, James Harden had a good time with this little game. It’s also the best way to improve your game, especially before a very important campaign with the Sixers. We are in any case eager to find the Bearded, just like the phenomenon of the Raptors.

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