Violent disappointment for Kyrie Irving?

On leaving the Nets for a few weeks, after the request of his teammate, Kyrie Irving does not yet know where he will be next year. The player does have a preference in the market, but that doesn’t mean the Nets are going to listen to him. To tell the truth, according to Marc Stein, there is very little chance that its leaders will pay attention.

It’s the big cleaning on the side of the Nets, who are still looking to find a trade for Kevin Durant. We know that the Celtics landed recently with an offer, which failed to make a difference. However, Boston received a counter proposal, which means that the negotiations are progressing. It’s quite the opposite for Kyrie Irving, who does not yet know which team he will play next October.

We know that the Lakers want to recruit him, but the talks are at a standstill. The two franchises can’t reach an agreement, and no one wants to give in for the moment. The rest ? No confirmed interest for Uncle Drew, who is no longer a name that is frankly dreaming on the market at present, which does not bother the player according to some sources.

Kyrie Irving, gone to stay? Not for Brooklyn

According to Shams Charania himself, Kyrie wouldn’t say no to a new season in the Big Apple. In fact, it is his priority. It’s a bit surprising, but the leader made his choice, too bad he is not the decision maker. The Nets should indeed trade him no matter what, at least according to Marc Stein. If KD leaves, the franchise will have no interest in keeping Kyrie.

If Kevin Durant leaves, I don’t see how the Nets are going to keep Kyrie Irving. If they can find a trade for KD, it will only increase their desire to send Kyrie elsewhere.

Logic. Irving has disappointed in recent seasons with his overall level, as well as his demeanor and injuries. The Nets probably don’t think he’s untouchable, although he’s still a special player. If Durant leaves, there’s no doubt the point guard will be next. It remains to be seen where it will end up, as interest is relatively low.

Even if he wishes to stay in the Big Apple, Kyrie Irving must prepare to pack his bags. We still have to wait for the departure of Kevin Durant, but the point guard should follow the same path in any case. It will then be up to him to relaunch.

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