Vikings – Seahawks (30-17): Kirk Cousins ​​avenges Minnesota

After seven losses to Russell Wilson, the Vikings finally dominated the Seahawks this Sunday thanks to Kirk Cousins’ perfect game.

Minnesota Vikings (1-2) – Seattle Seahawks (1-1): 30 – 17

30/38, 3 touchdowns, no interception… what are the people asking for? Kirk Cousins ​​dissected a porous Seahawks defense to give his team their first win of the season on Sunday. This is the first success of the Vikings against Russell Wilson since his arrival in Seattle, and he could not do much (23/32, 298 yards, 1 touchdown).

In the absence of Dalvin Cook, the match promised to be difficult for the Vikings, but it was not. Already because Alexander Mattison (26 races, 112 yards) was very good, but especially because Cousins ​​delivered a recital. The experienced pitcher read the Seattle defense perfectly, anticipating the blitz, and taking advantage of the very random marking of the secondary, Jamal Adams in the lead, to advance slowly but surely on the ground. He was also able to count on receivers always effective like Justin Jefferson (9 receptions, 118 yards, 1 touchdown) and Adam Thielen (6 receptions, 50 yards, 4th touchdown of the season).

Result, the attack of the Vikings was not only effective, with 3 touchdowns and 3 field goals in 7 possessions before the last, anecdotal, but also time consuming. It’s simple, the Vikings simply dispossessed the Seahawks of the game when they started it better.

The Vikings monopolized the ball

In the middle of the second quarter time, Russell Wilson left his team at 17 – 14 after having already found DK Metcalf for a touchdown and seen Chris Carson enter the paint on a 30-yard run. Problem, Jason Myers missed his field goal, then the Seahawks attack just didn’t get the ball. Justin Jefferson allowed his team to pass on the next possession, capping a half marked by the sign of mutual defensive inability (no sack, 21-17 for the Vikings at the break). It was then the third touchdown in as many possession of the Vikings after that of Thielen and that of Tyler Conklin.

Above all, the Vikings followed with an endless drive of 8min30 to start the third quarter, concluded with a field goal (24-17). Behind, Everson Griffen woke up to kill the next possession in the bud on a sack. On the next two possessions, the Vikings amassed two more field goals and especially 12 minutes of possession, completely losing their rhythm in the Seattle attack.

The same balance sheet, but very different impressions (and divisions)

With less than 5 minutes from the end, Russell Wilson had the ball only 4min 30 in the second half, and his failed Hail Mary already sounded the death knell for Seattle hopes. In addition to a catastrophic defense, Pete Carroll’s men have a tough end to the game: they have scored just 13 points in the second period, against 62 in the first act since the start of the season. In a busy West NFC, this may cost them dearly.

The Vikings get their first deserved success after two difficult defeats. If their defense remains inconsistent, it has shown signs of improvement, and their attack is very well oiled, with four receivers over 50 yards. What to hope for something in a NFC North more accessible for the moment.

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