Vikings: Everson Griffen back in purple

Minnesota, there it is again. After a 2020 season spent between Dallas and Detroit, with six sacks in total, Everson Griffen is back with the Vikings.

Announced by NFL Media for several hours, the signing ended up being formalized by the Vikings. The pass rusher had passed a test with the franchise a few days ago.

Griffen, 33, has been through it all in Minnesota. Great performances (74.5 sacks in 10 seasons), a big contract, but also some difficult periods on the psychological level.

In January, on Twitter, he also had sweet words for his former-new quarterback.

“Kirk Cousins ​​sucks. Thank you. […] Ask Zimmer if he wanted Kirk ???? « 

He had deleted the message and apologized. Apparently, the local leaders don’t blame him too much.

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