VietJet and Airbus also strengthen their collaboration

08 NOV. 2021 | Writing | 137 words
VietJet and Airbus also strengthen their collaboration On the occasion of the official visit of the Vietnamese Prime Minister and his delegation, VietJet reached an agreement with Airbus concerning the delivery schedule for 119 aircraft that the company has on order.

It also organizes collaboration with the aircraft manufacturer on the introduction of its first A330s into the fleet, confirming at the same time the project. VietJet specifies that it could receive up to three A330s in November, all leased.

In addition, the two parties agreed on the continuation of the support and the training of technicians and engineers of the low-cost.

Other aspects are also covered, in particular the development of MRO facilities for VietJet or the promotion of initiatives in favor of the energy efficiency of the company.

(Photo VietJet)

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