VIDEO: Turkish chef Salt Bae meets her mother after 2 years, criticized for not taking care of her

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nusret mother

A combined image shows Nusret Gökçe interacting with his mother.

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Social media sites in Turkey were abuzz with a video clip showing famous Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, nicknamed Salt Bae, visiting his mother at her home after a break of more than two years.

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Nusret has faced a torrent of harsh criticism because of the modest house his mother lives in, knowing that the famous Turkish chef, 38, has a fortune estimated in the tens of millions of dollars, and owns a chain of restaurants luxury.

A video clip showed the reunion.

Nusret posted the video to his Instagram account, and said he hadn’t seen it in two years when the mother’s home seemed modest.

The clip garnered millions of views and thousands of comments within hours, most of which were aimed at blaming the Turkish chef for the modest house his mother resides in.

One of Nusret’s followers commented, « You have a lot of money, so how can your mother not live in a mansion? What a pity. Do something for her. It’s very unfortunate to see his son have all this money and not visit him. and stay in a house like this.”

Nusret is famous for selling expensive meat steak, which is sometimes coated in edible gold, and a steak he cooked has once sold for over £1,400 at one of his restaurants in the British capital, London.


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