VIDEO – The new Nissan Z spotted on the open road

Unveiled a few months ago now, the all-new Nissan Z, replacing the 370Z, has just been seen on the open road in the USA. The proof in video.

She rolls ! Simply called Nissan Z, the brand’s long-awaited new sports coupe was finally introduced in production form in August. Almost 13 years after the 370Z saw the light of day. It should go on sale next year but it was just spotted roaming the streets of Phoenix. Why are the Nissan and Z badges on the back still hidden? Because it is a pre-production prototype. Even the license plate is provisional and tells us it’s a factory vehicle. Painted in “Gun Metallic”, this allows us to admire the car in a color other than the “Ikazuchi yellow” or the “Seiran blue” that it wears on the official images.

The subtle rear spoiler indicates that we are dealing with the most aggressive Performance trim level. You also notice that the Z badge on the quarter panel and on the front is also hidden under pieces of duct tape as if that would prevent people from recognizing it.

Engine and price: still a bit of a mystery

The biggest piece of the puzzle still missing on this new sporty Nissan is its price! But we bet it will start around $ 40,000 in the US market. While the car isn’t on sale yet, we’re already hearing rumors about a possible Nismo version that could be unveiled next year. Maybe it is she who will cross the Atlantic to be sold on the European market?

Indeed, its twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 engine developing 400 horsepower does not allow it to be marketed on the Old Continent, but that could perhaps change one day.

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