VIDEO – The all-new Porsche 911 Dakar is just around the corner

Porsche has long planned to bring an icon back to life: the 911 Safari. Now, we know that it is not very far away: we think that it will be presented to the world in October, just before its presentation in Dubai during an event of the brand.

An all-new Porsche will make its debut at a Porsche event in Dubai. According to the press release, « the new model is well positioned to become another icon among adventure-focused Porsche icons in the Middle East and beyond. » You don’t have to have graduated from polytechnic to understand that Porsche talks about the all-new 911 Safari, now commonly referred to as the 911 Dakar. If she takes her first steps in Dubai in November, it means that she will be presented to the world before. So it won’t be very long.

In the meantime, Porsche has unveiled a video in which the firm looks back on some brand icons that have evolved off the beaten track. The 911 Dakar, also known as the 953 or 911 4×4, driven by René Metge is one of them. She won the Dakar rally when it was a rally-raid that required going from Paris to Dakar in Senegal. The 953 was the first 911 AWD. There is also the 1981 924 Carrera GTS, which Walter Rohrl used in the German Rally Championship. He won four of the seven rallies. This notably paved the way for the victory of the Porsche 959 at the Paris-Dakar in 1986 and for one of the most advanced supercars of all time.

What do we know about the Dakar?

We have already seen the 911 Dakar several times during tests on the Nürburgring in particular. Porsche wanted to build a car that was stable on steep surfaces while retaining most of the handling characteristics of a 911. However, there will be some compromises to be found: impossible to raise a car by a few centimeters without impacting the center of gravity. But Porsche may find a magical way around the problem. We’ve seen the car go around the famous ‘Green Hell’ and it seems quite stable.

We also know that it will have an AWD system as standard. Older rally cars had to make do with two-wheel drive as the technology was not as advanced. We don’t think it will be too powerful. The 3.0-liter twin-turbo flat-6 in the Porsche 911 Carrera S already has enough power to meet the needs of a rally car. There will also be a model-specific suspension system and an « Off-Road » riding mode (possibly called Dakar). Anyway, we have good reason to believe that Porsche will tell us more about this new model shortly.

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