VIDEO – Hear the howl of a Porsche Carrera GT at full speed down the highway


Seeing a Porsche Carrera GT is already quite rare. But hearing it go flat out on the highway at nearly 300 km/h is even rarer. But that’s what happens in this video.

Porsche rarely releases a hypercar. But the rare specimens of the genus always stand out. In the genre, the Stuttgart firm produced the Carrera GT. A mid-engine machine with a removable roof that is widely considered a legend. With a naturally aspirated V10 that sends its power to the rear wheels via a manual gearbox, the only other things an enthusiast would need are gas and a stretch of freeway with no speed limit. Precisely, our colleagues from the YouTube channel AutoTopNL had the opportunity to take the wheel of the « CGT » in such circumstances.

Born in an era when particulate filters didn’t exist and emissions regulations were far less stringent, the 2000s Porsche hypercar roars at up to 9,000 rpm and lets out great sound. And it is for this sound that we are talking about this video. With the automotive industry gradually moving towards electric vehicles, such an engine will never again be installed in a road-legal production car. It’s really a shame but fortunately YouTube exists.

A legend

Even though the 918 Spyder’s hybrid V8 has more power, there’s something unique about the sound generated by the 5.7-liter engine. We are pretty sure that Porsche enthusiasts will appreciate this video that we let you watch.


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