VIDEO – He ends up in the wall with his Ferrari, wanting to impress the gallery

This Ferrari paid the price for yet another attempt to amuse the public by a driver who was obviously not up to it. The little drift ended badly again… but in slow motion.

A video recently posted on Instagram shows why you should never drive beyond your abilities. The driver of a Ferrari 458 Italia would have needed to perfect his skills before attempting this kind of manoeuvre. After accelerating greedily in front of a crowd filming his car, it looks like the driver didn’t find the brake pedal before causing some damage to his Italian supercar. Posted on Instagram by SpeedHouston, the incident is quite unfortunate. In fact, coming out of some sort of rally, the driver seems to be pushing hard enough on the accelerator to throw his Ferrari sideways. It works, but he releases the right pedal too abruptly and takes a “racket hit”.

The car recovers straight before sliding in the other direction. In fact, the car makes almost a full 180 degree turn from its original direction. She finds herself with the grille pointed towards a low wall. A few seconds later, the car hits this wall, almost in slow motion.

More brake?

From what we can see, it’s believed that the driver isn’t even pressing the brakes despite his car’s very low speed. The video becomes almost scary as the Ferrari slowly approaches the wall. A simple press of the brake pedal would certainly have been enough to avoid contact. Instead, when the car hits the wall, the airbags deploy.

This incident is a perfect example of why it’s so important to never want to mess up on the open road. Especially when it’s to amuse the gallery. These kind of little quirks always end badly.

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