VIDEO. Environment: India suffers its worst Desert Locust invasion in 30 years

India is fighting its worst desert locust invasion in nearly three decades these days, swarms of tens of millions of insects destroying crops in northern parts of its territory.

The insects have already devastated nearly 50,000 ha of crops since their arrival in April in the state of Rajasthan (west) from Pakistan.

Other, smaller swarms are also at work in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh and threaten many summer crops and plantations, worsening the situation of farmers already weakened by containment. national decree against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Desert locusts almost every year destroy crops in Rajasthan near the Pakistani border, but rarely do they make their way inside the state.

India has not experienced a locust plague of this magnitude since 1993. Originating in East Africa, this invasion was favored by unusual rains during the March-May period.

This year, locusts are breeding 400 times more than usual due to favorable climatic conditions created by unusual rains and increased cyclonic activity, especially the overpowered Amphan, which has ravaged part of the Indian coast.

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