VIDEO. Colton Herta’s impressive accident in Indy 500 during the last session

During the last practice session before the start of the 500 Miles from Indianapolis this Sunday (6:45 p.m.), a driver had a big scare. This is Colton Herta (Andretti). The 22-year-old pilot found his head upside down after a bad maneuver.

« I flew away »

We thus see his vehicle suddenly deviated from its trajectory and hit the protective wall. With the speed, his single-seater continues its course, the nose of the machine rises and it even turns over completely, always at full speed. He continues his race for several tens of meters before being slowed down by the protective wall.

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More fear than harm for Colton Herta, the son of Bryan Herta, who was able to quickly extract himself from the wreckage, applauded by the public. « I’m a little sad for this carexplained the 22-year-old American once released unscathed from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) medical center. It was very light to drive. This session was not going to make any revolutions in the settings for Sunday. I went a little too fast in the turn, the air rushed under the flat bottom and I flew. I’m fine, although it was a pretty rough shock. I am grateful to many security elements, which have served their purpose, such as the Aeroscreen. The help was very fast, thank you to them. »

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If it is not certain that Herta will succeed in lining up a new vehicle on the starting line in less than twenty-four hours, Romain Grosjean will start in 9th position for his first 500 miles from Indianapolis.

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