VIDEO. At every Liverpool game, a Bordeaux bar fills up with Reds supporters

Liverpool supporters gather for every game at Casey's pub in Bordeaux
Liverpool supporters gather for every game at Casey’s pub in Bordeaux (© News Bordeaux / Jonas Denis)

8:50 p.m., this Wednesday evening, as before each match of the Reds, around thirty supporters of Liverpool fc, club shirts and scarves strung on, waiting in front of the giant screen of the Casey’s Pub near Place Gambetta in Bordeaux (Gironde).

These Bordelais are part of the Liverpool French Branch association and meet in this bar for each game of the English club.

“This is the opportunity to get together to have drinks, sing and celebrate our love for the club but also for the city of Liverpool,” says Mathieu, an active member of the association and supporter since 2005.

A historic football club in the north of England, Liverpool has one of the finest European records with six Champions Leagues. The reputation of the Mersey club is worldwide.

Meeting of enthusiasts

“I will always remember that Champions League final in 2005,” recalls Marwan, almost moved. “When Liverpool came down to 3-3 in the game against AC Milan, I fell in love with this club. « 

Fans sing Liverpool chants in Casey's Pub in Bordeaux
Fans sing Liverpool chants in Casey’s Pub in Bordeaux (© News Bordeaux / Jonas Denis)

For Mathieu, this 2005 match was love at first sight. “I discovered the supporters, the spirit of the Liverpool team, the songs that I know by heart today! He exclaims.

For him, it goes beyond football: “I learned about the history of the city. I was passionate about this English culture, ”he says, his eyes riveted on the bar’s screen.

A love story for Léa

Among all these male supporters, Léa does not hesitate to sing louder than her counterparts. « I joined the association to support in 2015 for the love of my spouse, but today I am as much a fan as him », smiles the person in charge of the association’s social networks.

Léa in the background is Bordeaux and fervent supporter of Liverpool
Léa in the background is Bordeaux and fervent supporter of Liverpool (© News Bordeaux / Jonas Denis)

« I have already left a bachelorette party of one of my friends to go see the final of the Champions League in Liverpool, » she laughs.

Suddenly, goal for the second most successful team in the English championship! The supporters get up in the bar. A glass breaks but whatever, everyone hugs each other.

« You’ll never walk alone »

« You’ll never walk alone », the famous song of the « scous » (nickname of the supporters of the club) is sung by the thirty people present for the match.

Mathieu comes to his senses and explains that the association brings them together. “In Bordeaux, we lack a physical connection with the club, so the idea is to create a small band of friends with whom we come to share our passion,” he describes.

In France, nearly 1,200 are members of the Liverpool French Branch association.

« We are directly recognized by the Liverpool club, which allows us to participate in the local life of the city by helping humanitarian associations but also to be invited to see the matches in the Anfield stadium. »

MathieuMember of the Liverpool supporters association

Léa is aware that if people register, it is above all to see the matches: “The goal is not to send people to the stadium but to meet at the pub to see the matches every day. together and not alone in front of his TV, ”she recalls.

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