Video: A player receives a can in the head in the final of Major League Soccer

Images that remind others… Jesus Medina, New York City player, was the target of a can throw on Saturday during the Major League Soccer final against the Portland Timbers (1-1, 4 shots on goal at 2). Hit in the head, the Paraguayan was able to resume, just like the match.

This incident is reminiscent of the one that occurred on November 21 in Lyon. While OL received OM, Dimitri Payet had received a bottle in the face just before taking a corner and the meeting had been definitively interrupted. This time, the game was able to resume and go to an end despite this unspeakable act that occurred in the wake of the opener of New York City (41st).

When celebrating Valentin Castellanos’ goal along the sideline with his teammates, Jesus Medina received a can from the stands in the face. A second can was thrown, but luckily it didn’t hit any other players.

Stunned, the Paraguayan midfielder remained lying on the lawn before being taken care of by the medical staff. After regaining his senses, he participated in the second period before giving up his place at the end of the match (91e). The author of the jet was apprehended and then evacuated and banned from the enclosure of the Timbers, who condemned this gesture.

On the lawn, if Portland managed to equalize after added time thanks to Felipe Mora (94th), New York City ended up winning in the penalty shootout to win the very first title in its history in MLS.

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