VIDEO – A breathtaking wooden Ferrari SF90 Spider replica

This is not the first time that we present you the work of the Woodworking Art channel. After the Corvette C8, the Mustang Eleanor and the Ford Ranger Raptor, an SF90 Stradale was created.

Let’s be blunt: not everyone can afford a Ferrari. These Italian supercars are reserved for the richest people in the world. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have one at all. For example, a wooden replica would make you a Ferrari owner. For YouTuber ‘Woodworking Art’, it’s child’s play to build his own Ferrari. Using a few blocks of wood, the sculptor artist made a model of a Ferrari SF90 Spider. The creation isn’t perfect, but we’re sure you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship shown in this video.

The look of the SF90 Spider has delighted Prancing Horse aficionados. The Woodworking Art artist was able to translate this beauty into the wooden model. Even better, this replica has moving parts, which makes it even more special. The wheels turn, the front and rear suspensions are functional. Even the steering works, while the front hood, engine hood and doors open. Even the driver’s seat is adjustable. Nothing was left to chance.

A real convertible

What is remarkable is that the roof of this miniature retracts, folds and stores like the original model. However, this is not done electrically and takes just over 14 seconds.

We don’t know if Woodworking Art sells this creation or if you can request another one, but you can check out the Handicraft Art website if you’re really interested.

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