VIDEO – 380 km/h in the streets of Tokyo in a Ferrari, it makes you dizzy

Picture yourself behind the wheel of this Ferrari 812 Superfast pushed hard on Tokyo’s ring road alongside the tuned Nissan GT-Rs.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast is a magnificent GT equipped with an atmospheric V12 of 800 horsepower in the central front position. A car capable of real supercar performance, officially given for 340 km/h top speed.

In the video below, the speed exceeds 380 km/h on the Tokyo ring road in Japan. And if the sequence seems completely crazy to you, it’s quite simply because it’s not real: it’s actually taken from a video game with really very realistic graphics (Asseto Corsa a priori), showing cars sport racing on city streets.

It takes long

Still, the 380 km / h still seem a bit optimistic. True, it is often possible to exceed the maximum homologated speed of the car on the display of the speedometer. But there, it starts to do a lot…

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