Victory erases all failures


Victory erases all failures

USMA-Young Africans return final

, « Thank you all for your support and encouragement, now we will get back to work and prepare the second installment ». Clear message sent by USM Alger coach Abdelhak Benchikha to his supporters.

Football has its requirements
Thursday, the leather should find its place to propel the Algerian team to the top of African football. For coach Benchikha and even for the players, there is no question of derailing the train which passes through the “winners’ station” for the first time, it will come back a second time and will have to stop for the final party. What makes the charm of this qualification is the exit of the USMA from the lot of African teams, who did not think it would be possible. Getting to where she is today… In any case, it’s not a stroke of luck.

It’s nothing, the scenarios are similar
The Tunisian coach of Young Africans reassuring his supporters will say « even if the Young Africans come to concede another goal at the 5-July stadium », Nasreddine Nabi affirmed « this scenario will not change much in the game . Our team is already behind and it will have to win by scoring as many goals as possible in Algiers… So whether there is only one goal to overcome or more, it’s practically the same thing. I am not basing myself on the emotional in saying this, but on the facts of the match, ”he concluded.

Titles are not easily won
Any football coach, would like to win a cup in his life, it is important, but the most important thing is not to seek to achieve records, but to win titles, and what the USMA does come in in this cycle of international sports competitions and his coach is not in the race to make himself known in order to obtain a position with high-level clubs, but simply to respect his commitments and move towards the realization of the objectives that he fixed himself.

The trophy in its place in Algeria…
This Thursday, the 22 players, facing the copper, have the mission of trying to keep it as long as possible to post it in the “opposing box, to build a game which can, if not not be champion, be a finalist. But, the coaches and the football professionals or of another disciple, will tell you « to play a cup is the greatest reward for a team which gave its all to finish champion after so much effort and above all for having played with maximum determination and with exceptional ambition ».

Success cannot be given, cannot be offered, it must be snatched away
Benchikha’s words: « We are all motivated to create a new chapter in the history of USMA, which unites the players, myself and the whole club around a shared ambition: to achieve our first victory. African ». And to add: “It is important not to relax during the return match. We have to keep our focus until the end. My great experience in football taught me that a match is never won in advance. I expect there will be pressure on our shoulders in this second round of the final. You should know that despite the defeat at home, the Young Africans dominated the proceedings, with 62% possession of the ball and no less than 15 shots on target.
A rise to the surface is good! Yes, maybe it’s time to break with this curse that has dogged the red and black team for decades, as it has dogged them in the Algerian Cup losing seven finals in a row (including five in a row). This June 3, the Young Africans will have nothing to lose in the second leg which will be another battle to be won. The match will be different from the first. We have to stay focused, we only took one step towards the title,” he warned. He half-acknowledges that “the different playing conditions will be more favorable to the USMA than to the Young Africans… difficult means hard and complicated, not impossible. We have a good team, which develops good football and has the ability to score, even away from home. So many favorable factors that encourage me to remain optimistic, because if we manage to make good use of all our strengths, there may be a convincing result at the end”, he hoped. Optimistic not pessimistic, the very cautious Tunisian, he will calm things down by admitting that he will not go so far as to promise our supporters that I will come back with the Cup, 100%, but I can assure them that we will fight to turn the tide. We have the means to achieve this feat, and we have already proven it,” he recalled.
The meeting will be directed by the Mauritanian referee Beida Dahane, who will be assisted by the Angolan Jerson Emiliano dos Santos (1st assistant) and the Mozambican Arsénio Chadreque Maringule (2nd assistant).


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