Victoria Mehault and Nicolo Ferrari engaged? This mysterious photo that raises questions!

By vanessa

– Posted on 13 Oct 2022 at 16:58

Did Victoria Mehault and Nicolo Ferrari get engaged? A photo sows doubt. And in this article, we tell you more.

It was on the set of the Fifty that Victoria Mehault and Nicolo Ferrari met for the very first time. If the pretty blonde had a real crush on the beautiful Italian, the latter was already in contact with Charlotte. Both Italians, they quickly created links. But Vivi clearly didn’t want to be outdone. So she did everything to seduce Nicolo and she succeeded. The two W9 candidates then got together on the set of Les Fifty. Unfortunately, their love story was brutally stopped by the elimination of Nicolo.

But the two young people quickly saw each other again after the adventure. Especially since Victoria was removed some time later Nicholas. And between them, it’s clearly mad love! If they are quite discreet about their relationship, when they post the slightest story together, we feel that it is very intense between them. And obviously, they are ready to take a new step in their history. It turns out that on Instagram, Victoria told her fans that she had a big announcement for them. And in the process, she published the photo of a ring!

Victoria Mehault and Nicolo Ferrari really engaged?

With such a photo, one could quickly believe that Victoria Mehault and Nicolo Ferrari have just gotten engaged! But some netizens quickly noticed that the photo posted by Vivi is taken from the internet. Which would therefore mean that Nicolo would not have made his request to Victoria… In any case since she published this photo, Victoria has not said anything. We will therefore have to wait a little longer before knowing more about the big announcement of the young woman.

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