« Victor Wembanyama wants to play in this team, the proof »

Now seven months from the 2023 Draft, the NBA planet is impatient to know the franchise that Victor Wembanyama will join. Some even go so far as to see clues everywhere, sometimes even in a totally delirious way!

Scoot Henderson and others may redouble their efforts to catch the eye of NBA scouts, but it seems almost impossible that they will manage to outclass their main French rival. Victor Wembanyama indeed seems destined to be selected as the first pick in the next Draft, as the young interior of Metropolitans 92 has everyone in the league in agreement.

Convinced by the performances of the neo-international tricolor, American analysts and experts are unanimous about his superiority compared to other great hopes. Some even go as far as make him the greatest talent in history. An excitement that is logically transmitted to fans, who all hope to see Wemby join their favorite franchise. Even if it means overinterpreting his actions and gestures.

The grotesque rumor about Victor Wembanyama’s plans

Like most top prospects, Wembanyama shouldn’t have the privilege of choosing his base before the Draft. However, he has already made his preferences known by revealing the only two NBA teams he follows diligently. This does not prevent Internet users from imagining it elsewhere, or even… in a selection other than that of France. If so, you read correctly:

Victor Wembanyama says mango is the best fruit. It’s both the truth and not-so-subtle proof that he wants to play for the Philippines.

The report, you ask? The Philippines are one of the main mango producing countries in the world, and even have a variety named after them.

Regarding the sporting plan, however, it is difficult to find a real logic between Victor’s Instagram story, and the deduction of this Internet user. It must be said that this tweet is above all intended to be humorous, and was simply intended to make Filipino fans dream of seeing a phenomenon such as Wemby represent them. However, they will have to settle for the promising Kai Sotto and his 2m18!

Target of all the attention in the United States, Victor Wembanyama begins to give birth to rumors about his future there… by simply eating fruit. Can’t wait for the Draft to put an end to this kind of lunar assumptions!

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