Victor Wembanyama shocked: “At 1m75 and overweight, does he do that?! »

With his measurements and his extraordinary talent, Victor Wembanyama makes the US scouts salivate, who are already looking forward to seeing him in the NBA next year. He, on the other hand, is rather impressed by one of his teammates with a very different size!

Never has a player from the French championship received such attention. With the spotlight on him, Victor Wembanyama will have to live up to expectations in the Metropolitans 92 jersey this season. In view of his surreal averages in pre-season, the French prodigy is on track to achieve this. To do this, he will in any case have one of the most interesting supporting cast around him.

In addition to the signing of Wembz, the leaders of Boulogne-Levallois have indeed managed to attract beautiful people during the off-season. Starting with the nugget Hugo Besson, came straight from the NBA for very specific reasons. Another talented former league member will also wear the Mets jersey in the coming months, much to Victor’s delight.

Victor Wembanyama rocked by Tremont Waters

Selected in 51st position in the 2019 Draft, Tremont Waters will have spent three seasons between the NBA and the G-League, before heading to Île-de-France this summer. He will therefore find Wembanyama there, on whom he is already full of praise, and will have the mission of feeding it and making it shine. In the meantime, it was he who nailed the great French hope during a recent training session:

1m75 and overweight 😂😂😂😂😂 And he does that?!

Although he doesn’t even reach 80 meters, and is obviously not in optimal form yet, Waters is indeed capable of slamming huge dunks. Victor will therefore have to get used to it, just like the French public who would not know him yet!

Tremont Waters may well hide his game behind a physique of Mr. Everyman, his athletic qualities are absolutely not to be taken lightly. Victor Wembanyama has just noticed it, and will be able to admire the show this season!

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