Victor Wembanyama is a hit for his second game with Spurs


He was expected, after a shy not to say disappointing first game. He was expected, and he answered present. Victor Wembanyama should be preserved for the rest and the end of this Summer League, but we saw what we came to see.

About thirty minutes on Friday to observe, take, already, a few loaves. Thirty minutes on Friday against the Hornets, an arrival poster offered by Kai Jones, some criticism because it’s the game, but after this second game there is likely to be much less criticism.

In a match against the Blazers, unfortunately deprived of Scoot Henderson, Victor Wembanyama left his mark, a mark of the No. 1 in the Draft, a mark similar to that of the crack he is supposed to become. A relaxed start to the match, and from the second quarter the machine started and the NBA began to tremble.

Blocks up to the 3-point line, 3-point shots that he succeeded by the way, then this domination under the circle, on the rebounds of his own shots or in transition, because Victor is huge but Victor runs.

27 points at 9/14 in shooting including 2/4 from the parking lot, 7/12 in throws, 12 rebounds, 1 steal and 3 blocks in 27 minutes

In the second half Wemby will adorn himself with a Hansaplast of the most beautiful effect on the cheek, resulting from a virile game with Ibou Badji, he will even be on the verge of winning the Spurs on a huge three but, unfortunately for SA, a man named Michael Devoe will play the heroes of the evening by sending 29 pawns out of nowhere, out of the G League.

27 dots
12 rebounds
3 blocks
9/14 shooting
2/4 three point
7/12 on free throws

Not sure of conclusions after a Summer League game.

— TrashTalk (@TrashTalk_fr) July 10, 2023

What should be remembered, in general, from this match? It is that, as expected, when Victor Wembanyama is well in his pumps not many people are able to slow him down on a basketball court. In Betclic Elite, in Summer League, and soon in NBA. Deal.

Victor Wembanyama displays his tantalizing skillset in his 2nd #NBA2KSummerLeague outing!

27 PTS, 12 REB, 3 BLK

— NBA (@NBA) July 10, 2023


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