Victor Wembanyama impatient to face a specific player: « Unheard of »

Before being able to measure himself against the gratin of the NBA within a year, Victor Wembanyama is already salivating in front of other big appointments that await him. Starting with an opposition full of hype, which will take place in just a few days!

He could have chosen to join a big European team, just to gauge himself in real EuroLeague posters before flying to the United States. Or even go now to the other side of the Atlantic, and rub shoulders with the competition of the G-League. Finally, it is indeed in France that Victor Wembanyama will perform his last pre-NBA season.

Arrived this summer at the Metropolitans 92 from ASVEL, the young interior tricolor thus finds his native Île-de-France, a perfect environment in his eyes to prepare for the 2023 Draft. Indeed, despite the absence of the Coupe d Europe, he thinks he can prosper under the orders of Vincent Collet, and keep his good image with American scouts. For this, he will have to respond in particular during a very specific confrontation.

Victor Wembanyama teases the duel against his rival n°1

While he will open the Betclic ÉLITE ball this Friday with a match against Gravelines-Dunkerque (8:00 p.m.), Wembanyama will not have to wait until next June to join the US. He will actually evolve there from the beginning of October, and will face his main competitor twice for the next Draft, Scoot Henderson. Shocks that he is looking forward to, as he revealed during the Media Day LNB at the microphone of The Analyst :

It is of course something that is exciting. It’s a bit like a small final, because it’s something that has never been done, and even less for French basketball. Simply unheard of. It’s always been my essence to innovate and create things that have never been seen. I approach this as the main actor of the thing. I want to do great things, especially in this event.

Organized in the stronghold of the G-League Ignite, where Henderson has been delighting observers for a few months, this double confrontation has a lot of stakes for the two huge prospects. The hierarchy between them could thus be modified according to the performance of each. From then on, Wembz hopes to have it respected, and come out as the big winner of this mano a mano.

Of course, the fact of being selected as 2nd pick next summer would not represent a failure in itself for him. At least that’s what fans might think before reading. his big statement about his ambitions. In other words: this rendezvous between the two announced top-picks is already shaping up to be unmissable, and promises one hell of a show!

Determined to prove that he deserves the 1st pick of the next NBA Draft, Victor Wembanyama is already delighted to be able to challenge his great rival Scoot Henderson. An unprecedented confrontation, during which he intends to get everyone to agree on his talent!

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