Victor Wembanyama: « I don’t like this nickname they gave me »


Very discreet in front of the microphones, Victor Wembanyama is more the type to talk in the field. The phenomenon, however, engaged in a quick exercise in front of the cameras of his ASVEL club. And we learn in particular that a nickname somewhat annoys the future NBA draftee…

At only 18 years old, Victor Wembanyama continues his dizzying rise. Revealed on the Nanterre side, the Ile-de-France player chose to settle in Lyon last summer to take a step forward and continue his progress. A successful bet, since the strong winger had a very good season in the capital of the Gauls, signaling himself in particular by some major performances in the league and on the European level. A single objective now: mature an additional campaign, and take the plunge towards the NBA.

In the United States, the one who was born in 2004 is already eagerly awaited. Scouts all over the country rave about his performances, and he is announced number 1 of all the latest 2003 mock drafts published. Everything seems to be rolling… except his nickname!

Victor Wembanyama, a nickname to rethink

By his profile as a (very) tall, slender winger, Wembanyama has sparked several comparisons over the past 2 years, including that with Kristaps Porzingis. The latter being nicknamed “Unicorn”, or “The Unicorn”, many have transposed this nickname on the ASVEL player – a documentary of the same name was also released at the end of 2021 on Victor.

The opinion of the principal concerned? It’s a no. In a short video titled “Last Times,” and in which Wembanyama reveals a few things about his preferences and personal life, it was clear:

Question: When was the last time you were called « The Unicorn »?

Wembanyama: I don’t like that nickname, so I’d rather not know (smile).

That has the merit of being clear. Anyway, we invite you to watch the video in its entirety, especially for those who have never heard the sound of the voice of the top prospect, or who simply want to learn more about him:

If you are lucky enough to meet Victor Wembanyama in Lyon, or, soon, in the four corners of the United States, don’t make the mistake of calling him “Unicorn”, or “Licorne”. You have been warned, while waiting for a nickname more to the taste of our French nugget to see the light of day…


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