Victor Wembanyama, his already crazy impact in the NBA!

Victor Wembanyama represents a true basketball phenomenon. With his profile, the French interior is the dream of all NBA franchises. And before its Draft in 2023, its two XXL copies, on American soil, against Team Ignite aroused enormous hype.

Despite the will of the League boss Adam Silver to avoid a race for last place, it promises to be historic. Only in the hope of recovering the Habs. And this is not an opinion biased by chauvinism. No, this is a trend given by one of the most reliable insiders, Adrian Wojnarowski.

Why ? Because the impact, without having played a single minute in the NBA, of Wembanyama is already crazy.

« Victor Wembanyama is the greatest prospect in the history of the NBA Draft. He is at 18, he was also at 17 and 16. He does not come out of nowhere. The impact he going to have on the NBA this season is spectacular.

As a GM told me the other day, we’re going to see a race to the bottom like we’ve never seen before in the NBA. Teams are trying to get in a position that they can get Wembanyama or second pick Scoot Henderson, who any other year would be a first pick.

A team president told me that recruiting Wembanyama could add up to $500 million to the value of your franchise. Wembanymana is so advanced in skills that no one has ever been like him.

The level of tanking to come, again… A lot of teams are going to want a chance to get it. There will be an impact on the trade deadline, on the players available very early in the season so as not to win », has warned ESPN reporter.

An incredible impact therefore on one of the biggest leagues in the world. This shows the potential of the native of Nanterre, but also the huge expectations around him. Suffice to say that the season promises to be eventful…

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