Victor Wembanyama finally lets go of the truth about his true height!

If Victor Wembanyama attracts so much attention across the Atlantic, it is mainly because of his extraordinary physical profile. The young big man also revealed his official measurements during the Betclic Elite Media Day. It is simply mind-blowing!

By all accounts, Victor Wembanyama’s profile is absolutely insane despite still being only 18 years old. On the one hand, the pivot is exceptionally gifted technically for his position and his age, already having more than decent shooting and post moves. On the other hand, she’s mostly an athletic freak, much bigger than the majority of her opponents. An explosive cocktail that regularly amazes Internet users:

If he will have to thicken his frame a little more from the moment he evolves in the NBA, the V already ticks all the boxes with American observers. We saw it this year with Chet Holmgren, his great rival in FIBA ​​competition and drafted in second place, the unicorns in the racket are extremely popular in the big league. The Metropolitans 92 player should become the first French first pick in history, proof of the interest that the franchises have for him.

His measurements obviously play a big role in this, and Jonathan Givony, draft specialist for ESPN, had also made a big revelation recently by declaring that the person concerned had been measured at more than 2m23 without shoes as well as at a wingspan of 2m44! Interestingly, the person concerned provided some clarifications on the subject during the Media Day of the Betclic Elite league, as relayed by journalist Benjamin Moubèche from the media. The Analyst :

Victor Wembanyama has a wingspan of over 2m40!

If it is therefore a bit smaller than announced by the US media, Wembz still peaks at more than 2m20. Above all, he confirmed his absolutely crazy stature. By way of comparison, that of Rudy Gobert, however already immense, does not exceed 2m35… Between that and his insolent performance in pre-season with Paris-Levallois, the man appears as a weapon of mass destruction. No wonder he makes everyone salivate!

Decidedly, the measurements of Victor Wembanyama are really delirious. If he manages to meet the physical challenge that will be offered to him in the NBA, then the Frenchman could achieve real carnage across the Atlantic.

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