Victor Wembanyama drops his 5 all-time and shocks: « I didn’t… »


Just landed in the NBA, Victor Wembanyama is already invited to settle endless debates that persist in the league. His unusual response when creating an historic XXL lineup has just caused a stir in the US.

Despite a relatively busy schedule with the Metropolitans 92, he was already trying to respond to as many media requests as possible. His season now over, Victor Wembanyama was able to do interviews as he saw fit, and did not miss any requests. On the sidelines of the Draft, he indeed chained the question and answer sessions, always with great intelligence.

Victor Wembanyama still amazes with his rhetoric

Arrived in the United States at the beginning of the week, Wembanyama quickly made the rounds of the American media there, evoking all types of subjects with brilliance. His tirade about his down-to-earth mentality has for example subjugated JJ Redick. Lately, he had to perform a more basic exercise at the microphone of Bryan Kalbrosky, namely to constitute a five able to beat… the Monstars of Space Jam:

I will choose Steph (Curry), (Michael) Jordan, LeBron (James), Timmy (Duncan) and Shaq (O’Neal). Why am I not included in it? I haven’t proven anything yet, man!

There is clearly nothing to say, this lineup would pose serious problems for the Monstars, and even for any opponents. Suffice to say that Victor was able to take up the challenge perfectly, and even formed a sacred 5 all-time.

On the other hand, the fact that he does not include himself in this five challenged his interlocutor, who even revived him on this point. Lucid, Wemby recalled that his experience in the NBA was still nil, and therefore that he definitely cannot claim a place in this kind of historical casting. A response full of humility and maturity that not only pleasantly surprised Kalbrosky, but also Internet users:

I love that he says he hasn’t proven anything yet, because there are guys who have been in the league for a year or a decade, who haven’t done anything in it yet and who put in this kind of 5 all-time

Excellent GM at the time of setting up a team capable of competing with the Monstars, Victor Wembanyama refuses to include himself while waiting to show his talent in the NBA. The French prodigy definitely has a good head!


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