Victor Wembanyama directly affected by Donovan Mitchell’s trade?!

Donovan Mitchell was sent to Cleveland on Thursday night, to everyone’s surprise as the Knicks were considered the favorites. Not bad news for the Jazz, which was able to recover many assets for the future. A goal in mind? Victor Wembanyama, who was quick to get involved in talks with this exchange.

The Jazz’s mission is now over for this summer, since the franchise managed to send Rudy Gobert elsewhere, then Donovan Mitchell this Thursday evening. Spida’s trade is completed, since he will go to the Cavaliers for the coming seasons, and not to the Knicks or the Heat. A little surprise, but which suits Danny Ainge’s business. Let’s say that the leader must be satisfied to have recovered so many assets.

With 3 first draft picks and 2 possible trades, all unprotected, Utah can smile after Mitchell’s trade. It will of course be necessary to choose the right players in the future when making a choice, but the Jazz already have the possibility of bouncing back, at least within a few years. For many people, this is no coincidence, since Victor Wembanyama could be directly concerned.

The Jazz ready to do anything for the recruitment of Victor Wembanyama?

The Frenchman is expected at the turn of the NBA, for the 2023 draft. It is not yet official, but everything suggests that the former ASVEL player will cross the Atlantic in a few months, to prove himself in the ‘Elite. He is already seen as the number 1 in the draft, and without possible dispute with the competition. The Jazz could therefore do what is necessary to recruit him, at least given his roster.

Competition for Victor Wembanyama?

There are still a few interesting names in this Jazz roster, but let’s not forget that the offseason is not over. Mike Conley, Jordan Clarkson, Rudy Gay or even Bojan Bodganovic, these are the players who will be invited to leave in the coming weeks or even months. We’ll have to find a buyer, but here’s a perfect way to accumulate some additional assets for Ainge, who loves it.

You understood, the goal is important: to weaken the roster to finish in the worst places in the league. Behind ? Position yourself well in the draft to recover Wembanyama, who is the target of many teams, such as the Thunder or the Spurs. Except surprise, it will take the first pick to recruit him, which promises a great battle in the coming months of competition.

By giving up its best players, the Jazz confirms its desire to place well in the next draft, while ensuring its future with picks. Good news for Danny Ainge, who seems to be targeting Victor Wembanyama next season. Be careful though, because he is far from the only one.

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