Victor Wembanyama compared to a unique cocktail between 4 players!

A unique prospect, Victor Wembanyama finds it difficult to find profiles similar to his in the history of basketball and the NBA. A US media has nevertheless embarked on a crazy comparison involving four league players!

For almost two years now, the general public has been following his development attentively, and salivating at his unparalleled profile. Victor Wembanyama has indeed been the subject of enormous attention since his explosion on the professional circuit, and has only increased it since through his performances. However, it is impossible for observers to agree on the analogies that suit him.

Victor Wembanyama, ultimate mix of 4 NBA freaks?!

Almost unanimously expected as the 1st pick of the 2023 Draft, Wembanyama is already preparing to play his first matches in the United States. With the approach of this big meeting which already fascinates the Americans, the US media One37pm therefore launched into a crazy comparison to describe the French prodigy… who would be closer to four very specific players:

Elevated as one of the best prospects in history, Wembanyama defies hyperbole. At only 18 years old, he already measures 2m23 and displays a future record wingspan for the NBA (2m44). He is an excellent hoop protector capable of planting 3-point shots and creating his own shot out of the dribble. It’s impossible to describe him without sounding excessive — he’s the Tuna Maker we were promised, an Evan Mobley boosted by Captain America’s super serum, the result of a merger between Rudy Gobert and Karl-Anthony Towns.

Four names mentioned, and as many players with different sizes and skills. First of all, the mention of Thon Maker makes sense, he who benefited from a big hype in high school as a 7-footer capable of penalizing defenses from afar. However, it turns out that his exploits in high school could never be transcribed in the NBA, contrary to what some scouts announced and hoped.

The rapprochement with Evan Mobley is therefore more flattering for Wembz. The young pivot of the Cavaliers is indeed coming out of a great rookie season, during which he demonstrated all his versatility. An excellent defender, he is also very talented in attack, he who averaged 15 points last year. Victor can therefore hope to follow his trajectory, and even show himself to be even more formidable and dominant according to One37pm.

Finally, the last metaphor is undoubtedly the most prestigious for the French U19 international, since it makes him a mix of two big men stars of the league, namely Rudy Gobert and Karl-Anthony Towns. As dissuasive as his elder tricolor in defense, he displays at the same time an incredible offensive potential, like that of KAT. Let’s hope therefore that it justifies such a wait in the years to come!

Thon Maker, Evan Mobley, Rudy Gobert, Karl-Anthony Towns: they all have something in common with Victor Wembanyama, who nevertheless has the talent to establish himself as the best player on this list. That’s all the fans can wish for him!

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