Victor Wembanyama brings ESPN to his knees

Always easy on the Asvel side, Victor Wembanyama continues to be talked about across the Atlantic, with great admiration. The Frenchman is the most anticipated prospect for 2023, and ESPN is not going to help bring the temperature down. The latest player report? Monstrous.

We are not there yet and yet the 2023 draft is highly anticipated among NBA franchises. A name in mind for the scouts: Victor Wembanyama, who is unleashing the crowds in France at present, but not for very long. There is almost no doubt that the pivot will cross the Atlantic, and with some pressure on his shoulders. It must be said that the ESPN specialist, Mike Schmitz, is full of praise:

Who is the real price of this 2023 draft? Victor Wembanyama. The term “generational prospect” is often misused. That’s not the case here.

Victor Wembanyama among the biggest prospects in history?

Yes, Victor is eagerly awaited, and Schmitz is very confident for the future. Obviously the French must continue to progress, without injury on the horizon, but the pivot is already first of all the Mock Drafts for 2023, without possible debate. ESPN paints a very promising picture of Wembanyama, who could have the ability to change a team’s future.

Wembanyama is the sensation of this cuvée and the best prospect in the world, regardless of age. I’ve long considered the 18-year-old the best prospect I’ve personally watched, so much so that the sky is the only limit on him. (…) Asvel releases him with screens away from the ball, like a winger, allowing him to take advantage of his ball touch. With his handle and his work at the support level, he looks like a bigger Kevin Durant, able to create and put his three points with a step-back.

He’s starting to expand his game from mid-range, being able to turn around with shoulder strikes in incredible fashion. He manages to catch lobs that no other player can imagine. On top of all that, he protects his circle to a fantastic level – far more than Rudy Gobert at the same age – while showing an ability to come out on three points to defend the backs, like no other player of his size.

Of course, Victor will have to continue to grow, while avoiding injuries as much as possible, but his potential looks insane:

Wembanyama is perhaps the prospect of a generation, a player capable of changing a franchise and a future MVP, as long as he stays healthy.

Victor Wembanyama future superstar? It is all the harm that we wish for the French, but who will have to continue to work to reach a certain level, and meet the expectations of the different franchises. His adventure is just beginning.

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