Victor Wembanyama at the heart of a new fiery debate in the US!


Just over six months from the 2023 Draft, Victor Wembanyama is already fueling all the discussions among NBA fans. The latter have been struggling in particular for a few hours around a big dilemma which directly concerns French crack!

It had been a long time since a Draft had so fascinated observers so prematurely. Barely had the hierarchy of the 2022 rookie vintage been established, the 2023 edition was already on the lips of all experts, analysts and American fans. In question: a certain Victor Wembanyama, considered by some to be the greatest prospect in the history of the league.

Victor Wembanyama or the title? Internet users shared

While Wemby continues its development on the floors of Betclic ÉLITE, and continues to receive the sometimes virulent instructions of Vincent Collet, the United States is already agitated around his case. In particular for a few hours, and the birth of a viral debate on social networks. The podcast account Beerly Hoops thus asked Internet users to decide between the tricolor prodigy… and a title:

Would you rather see your favorite team win the title this season or get Victor Wembanyama back for the next 6 years?

Immediate success guaranteed, or huge promises for the next six seasons? There lies all this dilemma thrown about Victor, whose extraordinary potential pushes to lead this lunar reflection. Indeed, despite the invaluable aspect of a Larry O’Brien trophy, well illustrated by the responses of some Twittos, others would without hesitation favor the future arrival of the Frenchy in their team:

Probably the title because if you only get Victor back for 6 years… I imagine he would leave for a good reason

Easy, Vic. Six titles is better than one

While 11 franchises have never known the joy of winning a title, a few fans would rather draft Victor Wembanyama than see their favorite team become champions. A new witness to the rating of the Mets phenomenon in the United States!


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