Victor Wembanyama already mentioned for a dream Big Three!

Excellent at the end of his season with ASVEL, Victor Wembanyama continues to assert himself as evidence just over a year from the long-awaited Draft 2023. And in the wake of a rating that continues to grow , the Frenchman makes the imagination of many observers work a lot. A first Big Three is even mentioned…

If he doesn’t get injured, knock on wood, Victor Wembanyama should most likely be the No. 1 pick in the 2023 Draft. Announced at the very top by the specialists recently, the Frenchman had a great campaign for ASVEL, posting some rather dazzling performances for a player of his age. At this rate, neither Scoot Henderson, nor Tariq Whitehead, nor anyone else seems able to dislodge him from this “first pick” spot that is reaching out to him.

That being said, bottom-ranked NBA franchises pray to heaven every night for the chance to get Wembz back in their roster. This is particularly the case with the Rockets, who are embarking on a full reconstruction enterprise and who, after hitting hard with Jalen Green last year, are still hoping for a very high pick and a promising player in a few weeks.

Victor Wembanyama propelled into a hypothetical Big Three

For journalist Paulo Alves, who covers the franchise, the ideal plan has already been found in Houston. The first step has been successfully completed, and it is now time to complete the remaining two, described below. Note also that the « Clutch City » jersey goes rather well in Wembanyama…

I had a vision:

2021: Jalen Green
2022: Paolo Banchero
2023: Victor Wembanyama

Size, length, scoring, defense, passing, shooting, versatility…

Instant dynasty.

The journalist’s almost naïve optimism obviously tends to be contagious, but it’s going to take some damn alignment of the stars in Texas to pull off such a Big Three. In any case, this « prediction » confirms the huge expectation around Wembanyama in the United States. According to several observers, the tanking to recover the tricolor next season could be one of the most violent in recent years – just that.

At a time when some are beginning to describe Wembz as « the most anticipated prospect since LeBron James“However, you have to be patient. The French nugget still has to harden up a season on the ASVEL side before taking the plunge towards a 2023 Draft where first place seems promised to him. Then, who will be the lucky elected franchise? Houston? Oklahoma City? Detroit? Indiana? No one knows, but many dream about it every night.

If there is no doubt that the Rockets will try to recover Victor Wembanyama to set up a team of the future in which the French would go wonderfully, the competition promises to be fierce, and it is indeed chance that will do things ultimately. Until then, we haven’t finished hearing about the Ile-de-France mutant…

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