Vettel never came close to returning to Red Bull after leaving Ferrari

On May 12, 2020, Ferrari announced that it was parting ways with Sebastian Vettel at the end of the current season. Until September 10, almost four months of waiting and the date on which Aston Martin announces the arrival of the quadruple world champion, rumors are unleashed.

If the names of Renault and Aston Martin are directly the most quoted and heard, among the wildest echoes emerges the possibility of a return to the team which allowed him to glean his four crowns between 2010 and 2013. : Red Bull.

Asked about the subject by Motorsport during the Italian Grand Prix a few days ago, Sebastian Vettel once again recalled that this hypothesis of a return to the Austrian team was never a very serious option.

“I made the decision to join Aston Martin before there was a lot of talk about the fact that Alex (Albon) was going to leave”says Vettel. “Therefore it was never very close. But of course I know Christian, I know Helmut. So obviously I had a quick chat with them, but it was never really anything serious. »

“And I also knew that if it was, if it had been an option or something serious, we would have at least talked about it. But it never went that far. Of course, several months later you can look back and say this, that. But I’m happy with the choice I made. »adds the German.

On November 20, Sebastian Vettel will start his last Grand Prix in F1. If his participation in the « Race of Champions » 2023 has already been formalized, his future outside the queen category remains unclear.

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