Vettel does not close the door to a passage in rally

A career that he then pursued with the reds of Maranello, where he was twice vice-champion without managing to obtain the grail, and from which he did not come out unscathed when he left for Aston Martin at the end of 2020. This last team, will unfortunately not be able to provide the German driver with a sufficiently competitive car to hope to complete his trophy table, apart from a single and last career podium, acquired at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in 2021.

In recent years, Vettel has been mostly on the front of the stage for causes close to his heart, such as supporting the environment or social justice, before announcing his retirement last year.

Now, far from F1, it is nevertheless difficult to imagine the young retiree not returning behind the wheel and yet: “I think naturally you look at other things. I don’t know yet, that’s the answer. » explains the quadruple world champion.

“I think I look forward to the idea of ​​doing nothing at first, and then I see what makes me happy. I mean, there’s a lot of other stuff going on in my head too. Other interests and ideas outside of racing »he who wanted to take more time with his family.

« Obviously I’ve been doing this for so long and it’s central to my life. So, it’s going to be hard to say that I’m not going to miss it, but how much and if then I start watching something else, we’ll see. »

Retirement and after?

Many drivers have, after a career in F1, chosen to evolve in other spheres, such as the WEC with the 24 hours of Le Mans, or in Indycar and in particular the Indianapolis 500 mile race.

For Sebastian Vettel it will perhaps be like his ex-teammate and friend, Kimi Räikkönen, a passage through rallying.

« I always liked, for some reason that I don’t know, the rally »he says, “but I see it’s a big challenge because it’s so different from what we do in, say, classic circuit racing. Then I do not know. We’ll see. »

As the Monte Carlo rally begins today, Vettel added that he “was looking forward to being surprised” by life after F1.

 » I see her [la retraite] as an opportunity to learn a lot about myself and put myself in exactly this position that I’ve never been in before and that I’m not comfortable with, because I think the truth is is that after so many years doing this job, I don’t want to say that we are bored, because it’s arrogant, but I would say that it’s a lot of routine and a lot of experience. »

“A lot of things don’t surprise you anymore. So I’m looking forward to being surprised and like I said, to learn about myself, to spend more time with my children and my family, to learn with them, which obviously will be a different challenge for me and at a different pace. »

“Yes, a lot of things and giving more space to things that I naturally didn’t have time for. So, yes, we will see. It’s not like I have a timeline and say in March it’s going to happen, and in April or May it’s going to happen. I think I can’t wait to have no schedules and plans and then obviously at some point I have to find a lot of things to keep me busy because I’m a busy, very busy bee with a mind that must be occupied. »

Before finding him in rallying, who knows, in the team of Cyril Abiteboul recently appointed director of Hyundai Motorsport in the WRC, the German will take part in the Race Of Champions 2023 at the end of January in Sweden on January 28 and 29.

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