Vettel admits he wonders about F1 presence

Sebastian Vettel now openly admits to asking a lot of questions about his commitment to Formula 1. At almost 35 years old, the quadruple World Champion is wondering about the relevance of his presence in competition, but it is neither the pleasure nor the passion that are involved. Invited on a British TV set by the BBC on Thursday evening, he poured out many current topics which, according to him, are quick to call into question the rest of his career.

In recent years, Sebastian Vettel has emerged as a strong voice in Formula 1 on many issues, like Lewis Hamilton. The German has not hesitated to take a position on environmental, societal or political subjects, whether it is the fight against global warming, the rights for the LGBTQ+ community in certain territories or the war in Ukraine.

Citing the importance for countries not to be energy dependent, taking as an example Germany with gas from Russia, Sebastian Vettel was confronted with his contradictions on the set of Question Time : he was told that he himself participated in a discipline « fuel glutton », causing laughter in the audience. Then the question was put to him as to whether this did not place him in a position « hypocritical ».

« It’s true, and you’re right to laugh, because there are questions I ask myself every day »he replied. « I am not a saint. I am very concerned when we talk about the future, and therefore these topics around energy, energy dependency and the direction we are taking for the future. » A reflection that then prompted Sebastian Vettel to recognize, about his presence in F1: « It’s something I wonder about ».

« There are some things I have control over, others I don’t »he continued. « It’s my passion to drive a car, and I love it. And every time I get in the car, I love it. When I get out of the car, of course I’m thinking and also wondering if is that something one should do: travel the world wasting resources?”

« I ask myself a lot of questions. There are a lot of things I do because I feel I can improve them. Do I need to fly every time? No, when I can, I take the car. There are some things I control and some things that are out of my control. »

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